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Book Review: Elizabeth is Missing (Emma Healey)

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Book review: Elizabeth is Missing (Emma Healey)

A charming, if harrowing, story about a very forgetful old lady. Maud is convinced that her friend Elizabeth is missing. She continually tells everyone – her daughter, grand-daughter, care workers, even the police. No one takes any notice. To them, a little old lady with dementia is muttering away about an imaginary crime.

She tells them that Elizabeth’s son, Peter, has done something to his mother. What no one realises is that locked away in Maud’s confused mind is the solution to a real seventy-year-old crime. Well thought-out plot, cleverly written; an enjoyable read and certainly thought-provoking. We don’t need to succumb to excessive pressure from the zealots of the politically correct. It’s simple. We need to listen to people; particularly those we are caring for. They have a voice and should be respected. Well done Emma for reminding us of this.

Michael Braccia

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