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Leeford Village

By Michael Braccia and Jon Markes

Serialised by the

Express and Star newspaper

From Sep 2019 to April 2024

latest episode:

Monday 10 June 2024:


Leeford Village - Episode 125 (


See my Blog for all of the episodes.

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Second Chance

Acoustic duo -  ballads, covers and folk

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I have written a song based on the short story ‘Goodbye’ written by my Leeford Village co-author, Jon Markes.

Jon and I collaborated with the musician / producer, Bruford Low, to make a recording of the song, ‘Did you think of me’.  I provided the vocals and played acoustic guitar, Jon played bass guitar, with Bruford on keyboards / percussion.

The song can be listened to below and the story can be read on Youtube here

The acoustic version of 'Did you think of me' is on ‘Second Chance songs' here

Did You Think Of Me
00:00 / 04:44
Radio WM interview 100723
00:00 / 07:31
BCR interview 200623 Part One
00:00 / 17:06
BCR interview 200623 Part Two
00:00 / 14:37
BCR interview 200623 Part Three
00:00 / 15:41
Leeford Village - the book
Written by Michael Braccia and Jon Markes

Available for sale from 1st March

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The authors:  
Wordsley-based Michael Braccia and York-based Jon Markes

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