Second Chance

Acoustic duo -  ballads, covers and folk

Second Chance Studio:
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(next live show:  7.30 p.m. Thursday 16 June)
At charity gig for the
Severn Hospice, Telford, August 2021
- a new venture for Mike and Lesley of Second Chance.

Broadcast live on their new YouTube channel at 7.30 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month.  The first edition of 2022 was on 20 January.
The above links allow you to view earlier shows, including the Christmas edition, broadcast live on 16 December 2021.

You only need YouTube to watch 'Studio',  but you will need Zoom if you are being interviewed by Mike and Lesley.  No shared screens of previously recorded songs -  all live on YouTube, as it happens.  Laid-back chat, hopefully some fun, and plenty of music of all types, and we intend to interview musicians, writers and poets via Zoom, and the guests will be asked to perform 2 or 3 songs (or readings) live on YouTube.  No pressure, then, but plenty of adrenaline!  We love live performances, and with restrictions on social events (and the winter weather) it gives everyone an alternative to going out.  Stay in and watch Second Chance Studio!

Or, just like Freeview-Plus or Sky+,  catch-up later.

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Lesley Clayton and Michael Braccia
Aged 21
Studio Schedule   (guests)

16 June:          Aiden Flynn

21 July:             

18 August:       Tony Gillam

Archive for Second Chance Studio

20 January:      Second Chance with:

                          Musician and author, Tony Gillam

Songs performed:

Second Chance :      Small of my heart;   Candle in the Wind;   Desperado

Tony Gillam:            Doing Wrong;  Shouting at the Dark;   Deathly Town;      Without the drums

17 February:    Second Chance with:

                         Andy Clapham, collector, performer and writer of fun folk songs.

Songs performed:

Second Chance:    Handbags and Gladrags;   The Joker and the Queen,  One of Us,

                                You (written by Michael Braccia);   The Sound of Silence.

Andy Clapham:    A very English Thing;   Man of Peace;

                               Ilkley D'Amour;    Nighty Night

Email contact for Andy:

17 March:    Guest host:   Tony Gillam,  interviewing Second Chance

Second Chance opened the show with Stevie Wonder's 'Lately'

and during Tony's interview,  they followed up with:

The Rose (Bette Midler);  Nothing to show for it all  (The late Keiran Halpin);

Did you think of me (written by Michael Braccia);   I don't want to talk about it (Rod Stewart)

Tony's songs prior to the interview:

  • ri Martolod (trad. Breton) / Rebel and Don't Apologise (Gillam)

  • A Girl Called Memory (Gillam)

  • Twelve o'clock High (Gillam)

21 April:     Second Chance with author and musician Jon Markes

Songs performed by Second Chance:

Sorry seems to be the hardest word (Elton John),  Home is where the heart is (Clive Gregson),

Jessie (Joshua Kadison), When you were Sweet Sixteen (The Furies), 

Everything I don't (written by Michael Braccia and Lesley Clayton)

Readings by Jon Markes:

Extract from his novel,  'Casting Long Shadows'.

Jon closed the show with a short story,  'On the Balcony'.

19 May:     Second Chance with musician and poet, David Hickman

Songs performed by Second Chance:

Make it with you (Bread),   Mountain Top (Michael Braccia and Lesley Clayton),

The Raven's Sun (Catherine MacLellan),  The Blue Cockade (Traditional / Show of Hands),

Always on my Mind (Elvis Presley)

Songs performed by David Hickman:

Catch the wind (Donovan),  Bird on the Wire (Leonard Cohen),

Clifton in the Rain (Al Stewart),   Hallelujah  (Leonard Cohen)