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Meet the creators of whimsical serial drama 

'Leeford Village'

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Thursday 10 October 2019:

Mike visited Kingswinford, meeting people in the local shops and market place and handed out free bookmarks

Thursday 10 September 2019:

"New chapter for writers" article in Chronicle Week -  re Leeford Village

Monday 30 September:

York-based author, Jon Markes, set up his new website

      Express and Star:  Thursday 13 February 2020

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Friday 10 January 2020:



will be presenting a selection of his work, followed by a Q&A session at Kingswinford Library

Friday 10th January, 11am start to 2pm

Michael is the author of the novel ‘Could It Be That Way? Living with Autism’ and ‘Banfield Tales’ a collection of short stories. He is currently working on publishing his latest novel, a paranormal mystery. Michael is also co-author of ‘Leeford Village’, now being serialised by the Express and Star.

LEEFORD VILLAGE COMPETITION                RESULT:   Monday 14 October 2019


It gives me great pleasure to announce the results of the competition:

We have 2 winners, who both go away with a copy of 'Banfield Tales' and publication of their 'walk-on' part in the serial. 😃



The winners are Karen Cooper and Lorraine Essery


The correct answer was 'Roberts' - Doctor Jeremy Roberts.

Well done, and I hope you had fun being involved in our first competition. Just think, the line you write for the character you invent will be published on the Express and Star website, and on the websites of Michael Braccia and Jon Markes, of course!


I hope you will both enjoy reading my collection of short stories and of course the continuing saga of the people of Leeford.

Now folks, watch out for episode 5, where Karen makes her literary debut. I'm not going to give anything away, except to say that the Leeford Village library is involved. Don't hold me to this (and don't tell Jon I said so) but I think that Lorraine's character will pop up in episode 6.


It's been great fun. We can't do this every week (or even every month) but if enough people are interested, we will look at the possibility of organising competitions in the future. Let us know what you think. We would love to hear your comments on the characters, and questions about them as they develop. It may not be Corrie or EastEnders, or even the Archers, but it's ours, and we will be able to change and develop the serial as it goes on.


In the meantime, check out

and and of course every other Monday morning - next one Monday 21 October (ep. 4).


Keep watching and reading, and please share the Leeford posts to as many friends as possible.


Monday 9 September:

Express and Star newspaper commence serialisation of 'Leeford Village' on their website

Friday 9 August 2019 launched with the introduction of 'Leeford village' our co-written serial about village life in the fictional Midlands town of Banfield

Monday 9 September 2019

'Leeford Village' announced in the Express and Star and online on their website


Friday 11 December 2015

SECOND EDITION of 'Could it be That Way' available for sale on Amazon

-  both paperback and Kindle editions

Monday 2 November 2015:

'Banfield Tales' available for sale on

-  both paperback and Kindle editions

Wednesday 16 September 2015:  

Michael Braccia's debut novel launched:

Could it be That Way : Living with Autism

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