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  • Michael Braccia

Book Review: A Stopped Heart by Julie Myerson

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

'A Stopped Heart' by Julie Myerson

A tragic story describing the deep emotion of every parent’s worst nightmare. A ghost story linking the present day grieving mother, Mary Coles, with the horrendous experiences of long-departed occupants of the house.

A red-haired stranger appears in the garden over a century ago. The children love him, and he loves them. Too much. He never really leaves, even when Mary and Graham have bought the house, and the only remaining memory of the nineteenth-century family is an old framed photograph, until a gruesome discovery is made.

Julie Myerson gives us a story of love, tragedy and an acceptance that utter evil does exist. Through their grief, both Mary and Graham are created and developed by this clever author who knows how to draw us in and then shock. Disturbing, gripping, worth reading.

Michael Braccia

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