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Book Review: On the other side by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Book Review: On The Other Side (Carrie Hope Fletcher)

Fletcher gives us a peek into the afterlife. You could see this as a ghost story with a difference. Evie Snow passes away at the age of eight-two and discovers that everyone has their own personal heaven. However, each individual has to earn the right to pass through the door. She is told that her soul is too heavy to pass through and that she must lighten the load in her heart by giving up the secrets she held in life.

Evie’s personal ‘heaven’ was created during her life at the age of twenty-seven when she met busking violinist Vincent Winters. It was the year in her life when she was truly happy and her choice would have been to spend her whole life with him. It was not to be. He wealthy parents had other ideas for her, and Vincent was not part of the plan. Carrie Hope Fletcher uses the story to describe her take on what it might be like after death. On the other side.

Michael Braccia

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