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Book Review: The importance of Being Seven by Alexander McCall Smith

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Book Review: The Importance of Being Seven (Alexander McCall Smith)

Probably my favourite author; at least I have not enjoyed a series of books more than ’44 Scotland Street’. Being the sixth in the series, ‘The Importance of Being Seven’ continues to reveal the lives of the interesting folk of Scotland Street, Edinburgh. Little Bertie seems to be forever six, and he can’t wait to be seven. His impossible mother, Irene, continues to be... well, impossible. Why can’t he eat chocolate, play rugby, wear a uniform? Why does he have to wait until he’s eighteen? If he could, Bertie would divorce his mother.

Mathew and Elspeth are happily married. In a previous book, Elspeth was forced to resign as a teacher after pinching the ear (quite hard) of the horrid little Olive. After all, she had been bullying Bertie, with her lies, sly ways, and in particular forcing him to have a blood test. Playing nurses indeed! For Elspeth, the realisation that she had married a millionaire hadn’t really sunk in, and it was only after his near-million pound offer for a flat (and maybe the news that she was expecting triplets) that she suddenly felt that marriage wasn’t at all what she expected. Obviously, love will win in the end.

Angus would like to get married, and his target is his good friend, Domenica. She seems settled in her ways (and in Scotland Street) and doesn’t start to think of Angus in that way until her annoying friend and neighbour, Antonia, makes a play for Angus. All will be revealed...

There are many wonderful characterisations in this book; you simply have to read it. Goodreads: five stars. No hesitation.

Michael Braccia

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