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Your Song (Braccia Unplugged)

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Track 5 on 'Braccia Unplugged'. Your Song (Bernie Taupin / Elton John) is a beautiful song and I found it very emotional trying to perform it. I hope I did it justice. The recordings I have done are very simple. Just me and an acoustic guitar and a an Olympus digital voice recorder. No over-dubbing, just one take. I prefer it that way - more like a live performance. Sorry for any mistakes or wrong keys. The other songs I recorded on the same day are 'All of Me' (John Legend), 'Blowin in the wind' (Bob Dylan), 'Daydream Believer' (The Monkees), 'Have I told you lately that I love you' (Van Morrison) and Wind Beneath My Wings' (Bette Midler). If you want to hear any of these, please let me know. Email:

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