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Visiting Blogger - Sarah Walder (October 2019)

I came across a term the other day for something that I’ve been guilty of at times as many other avid readers out there may be, when one book leads to an interest in others from references to other authors, quotes and books from the same author. I have an ever increasing book reading wish list, and have been known to buy books with the intention of reading them, then not reading them before buying others, or borrowing them from the library. There is a word for this Tsundoku, the practice of buying or borrowing books and not getting round to reading them. A Japanese term, Tsun originating from the word Tsumu meaning to pile up, doku meaning reading. I have to say I have improved these days; I may only have maybe one or two books waiting to be read at any one time. A book is a gift you can open again and again.

Sarah Walder

Note: from Mike Braccia - Sarah is a 'Leeford Village' fan, and has been following our progress carefully since episode one. She says 'I can't wait to find out what happens to Clara and the ring.'

Thanks Sarah, and thank you for your most interesting blog.



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