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What's happening in Leeford? (eps 1 - 4)

Forget Eastenders, Corrie and Neighbours, Leeford Village is where the action is. Except of course, in the fictional worlds of Ambridge and Scotland Street.

Poor old Vera, harmless but derided over her love for gnomes; but as we know, the vicar’s wife loves them too. Sergeant Miller’s got his work cut out and the question must be asked: is P.C. Carr up to the job? Someone asked me what happened to the Swede. Stay tuned to find out. One day...

Suptra can’t go back to India, but his niece, Nita, is desperate to go. Ethel hears all this in the cafe - and more. Funny pair, those sisters, Linda and Sherry, and what is Clara doing about the ring? Frank Watson thinks he’s King of the castle, but Ted’s got the respect of the locals. For now. He does, after all, run the most important place in the village. Doesn’t he? Not sure that Nick and Jessica are over-keen on Frank, but maybe he is a misunderstood character. Nick can’t get on the Parish Council because he doesn’t own his own property, and Jessica tells Frank what she thinks. Funny that, the vicar doesn’t own the house he is living in, and he’s on the Council. Oh, and the ring (re Clara) - seems it’s quite valuable.

I’m told that this little blog is vague enough to not be a pack of spoilers. Is that the collective name for spoilers?

Leave a message below or better still, get back on Facebook and Twitter and tell me what you think of the characters. Who is your favourite? (or otherwise). What do you think is going to happen next? Stay tuned. Maybe your thoughts and ideas might influence the writers...

Watch out on www.expressandstar.com on Monday morning (4th November) for episode 5.

If you don't see the link straight away in the entertainment section, just enter 'Leeford Village' in the search box. On the E&S website you can catch up on the first 4 episodes and meet the writers!

Mike Braccia

Tuesday 29/10/2019


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